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The Walls of Jerusalem to Lake St Clair
Noel Hayward
During the seven years I lived in Tasmania the Walls of Jerusalem were known to me as being a lovely area, but as they were almost on the opposite side of Tasmania (there was no Cradle Link Road in those days) did not warrant the travel required to go walking there. After all, there were more than enough beautiful walks to do and majestic rivers to kayak on the West Coast without spending a day driving to get to the Walls. read more...

 Sunraysia Bushwalkers take to the high seas

Whitsunday walk & sail

The Whitsunday Islands are a long way North of here. The flight from Brisbane to the nearest airport of Proserpine took as long as the initial Adelaide -Brisbane leg. As a result the party enjoyed mild subtropical winter weather over the two weeks of sailing read more...


11-12thJune 2011
The pioneers were tough people. Isolated by punishing distances they
established pastoral enterprises in the vast arid lands of the Mallee. In
1883, Hugh O’Sullivan at only fourteen years of age undertook the vital weekly
mail delivery route from Dimboola through Pine Plains to Kow Plains. read more...
Download this file (Dick's Wild dog walk 2011.pdf)Past featured Report - Wild Dog Mail Trail Return Mail 2011[Full article with photos]106 kB
Download this file (Noel's revised  Never Never Walk Feb 2014.pdf)Noel's Never Never walk 2014[The Never Never 2014]1315 kB
Download this file (Sunraysia Bushwalkers take to the high seas.pdf)Sunraysia Bushwalkers take to the high seas[Full article with photos]61 kB